Machue's dirty dreamland.

Second Site Redesign

OK, so i redesigned the site once again. This time i've

  • Redid the Gallery page again
  • Added Comments
  • Fixed the page of each gallery photo

Got nothing else to say. Until next time, stay golden!

posted on 1/15/19

First 2019 Post

Lets say hello to another prosperous year!

I've gone and updated many elements of the site. Namely, I've once again streamlined the gallery page (to a point where i think adding tag support right now would be unnecessary), and I've added a new Commission page! This will be a page where you can get information on your commissions (when i open that bag of worms again).

I'm still working on that comic, and once I have something to show, I'll unveil the Comics page. Until then, I bid adeu~~.

posted on 1/3/19

First Site Redesign

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good ol' holiday season. I've redesigned the site! I've made a lot of changes, such as:

  • Simplified the Gallery page
  • Added a hover to images
  • Fixed a bug regarding markdown parsing
  • Links to my other sites

So here's the skinny, I'm going to start getting more productive with my art, but I just haven't had much inspiration. If ever you had an idea on things for me to draw, now's a good time to give it.

Until next time, however, stay golden!

posted on 12/25/18

All pictures loaded.

I've uploaded all the other pics from my old Tumblr to here. Now I just have to upload them to NG and i'll be caught up

The site is really barebones at the moment. Next thing i'll focus on is tags (maybe some user interraction in the form of a suggestion box), but I'm also planning on finally getting a comic done. We'll see how life goes.

posted on 12/14/18

Testing Multiple Posts.

I still have a lot more stuff to impliment, like tags, search for the gallery, and multiple pages for all the posts. but for now the posts will probably stay like this. I won't flood it too much. At least I hope not.

Bear with me here. Soon I'll have lewd comics to post, and site-specfic goodies you won't find me posting on other sites, but now is really just a testing phase. Finding out how things work and all

posted on 12/13/18

Hello World!

I've finally developed the site's core functionality, and I think now's as good a time as any to go live.

~~Not like it had anything to do with Tumblr or anything like that heheheh~~

posted on 12/13/18